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All you need to tell the story. You want to experience what is happening all over the world or you are looking for inspiration for your advertising campaign? You need film footage for your next spot? Or how about graphics and illustrations? Our portal offers you images, graphics, illustrations and clips from our worldwide partnernetwork. The dpa archive and the extensive historic selection offered by our partners document more than 100 years of world history. If you should not find what you need, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Be inspired! Our top photographers and partners shoot the images you need to make your creative ideas come to life. Discover our variety. [ read more... ]

Our images, graphics and illustrations tell the stories that happen around the world. You just have to pick the story you like best. [ read more... ]


Stay in action! Top-quality film footage is waiting to set your project ideas in motion.
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Our long-time know-how makes us the perfect partner for all kinds of professional photo, video or graphic design assignments. Whether it be for documentation, for your media work, communication or stories, our experienced photographers and international network ensure your visual ideas are perfectly realised. For any questions please contact assignment@picture-alliance.com.
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Our variety is your advantage! Images, graphics, illustrations, film footage, assignment photography, research service, images for your sponsoring or public relations - we have everything you need. Enter a world of possibilities.
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