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New Portal starting on May 1st

For any questions during and after the system change please contact our team at +49 69 2716 34-770 or sales@picture-alliance.com. Your username and password stay the same on the new site. If you cannot find your login details, please do not hesitate to contact us.
If you are using the automatic login, please bear in mind, that you have to enter your username and password when you login on the new site for the first time.


The picture alliance-team is looking forward to presenting you a new picture alliance-site on May 1st.

www.picture-alliance.com will offer you a cleaner design with image rollovers, a user-friendly interface and an improved search giving you easier and faster access to our comprehensive content.

Our long-time know-how makes us the perfect partner for all kinds of professional photo, video or graphic design assignments. Whether it be for documentation, for your media work, communication or stories, our experienced photographers and international network ensure your visual ideas are perfectly realised. For any questions please contact assignment@picture-alliance.com.
Products & Services
Our variety is your advantage! Images, graphics, illustrations, film footage, assignment photography, research service, images for your sponsoring or public relations - we have everything you need. Enter a world of possibilities.
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