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dpa-infografik GmbH

Certain information is simply better explained through visualization, whether it be in the form of a map, diagram, chart or infographic. The largest infographics agency in the German-speaking market, dpa-infografik GmbH has for seven decades been creating clear, to-the-point visual interpretations of topics ranging from economics and politics, to medicine and science. Interested? We look forward to hearing from you, whether by email (infografik(at)dpa.com), telephone (+49-40-4113-32940) or through our contact form.

Children’s graphics

With the keyword "Kindergrafik" you can find graphics specially designed for children which explain such things as politics, technology, animal behaviour and nature facts in a manner appropriate for children.

Customized graphics

Graphics are the best way to explain complex details. They inform, generate attention, entertain and illustrate facts or complex subjects. Take advantage of the expertise of our partner dpa-infografik and let them create your individual graphic in your preferred style – from a simple chart to 3D design.

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Reputable illustrators from our partners dieKLEINERT.de and Ikon Images create individual, high-quality illustrations in all different styles. Mary Evans Picture Library entertains with historic illustrations, while Quagga Illustrations presents topics from cultural history and nature in black and white.

Sports graphics

dpa-infografik's sports graphics provide valuable additional information on all important sporting events. Whether it be fixtures and dates, cross-tabs, routes, transfers, athlete portraits or results, tables or medal tallies.

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